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In My Father’s Kitchen

What a story of overcoming. We met our Dear friend John back in the early part of 2017, homeless addicted with no direction. We were able to Love on him, feed him and encourage him that there is a different way of living. We were able to get him on our Hire Ground work team where deeper engagement happens. From there he was able to secure housing and we were able to pay for him to get his driver’s permit.  With much-continued support from our IMFK care managers, john was able to maintain his housing and was reunited with his girlfriend and child. While working on our Hire Ground crew with the landbank John was able to show that he was ready for full-time employment. Last night we received this message from the Landbank team regarding John.

Gotta say thank you, Kevin (Hire Ground Supervisor) Working with Hire Ground and speaking with you, and knowing the mission of In My Fathers Kitchen has opened my heart and mind to help others. I have helped make John be a better person… I talked to Ed (owner) and told him I want to take a chance on John and as of Monday, he will be a full-time on-the-books employee… I have spent a lot of time mentoring John out of his bad ways. I have seen a lot of change in him since day one… He’s a good kid and I see a lot of potential in him… I’m gonna help him finish getting his driver’s license and help him stay on the right path… Glad I can make a difference in someone’s life… Thanks, Kevin for the opportunity to help change someone’s life!


What an awesome story that true change can happen in someone’s life all it takes is a little encouragement a little Hope and a lot of footwork from our friends! Together Sous Chefs we are Building Hope and Changing Lives,

John and Leigh Ann

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Together we are building hope and changing lives.

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