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Life House


Life House is a home, and we consider each resident a part of our family. We are committed to helping our residents make lasting changes in their lives by working together with a group of professionals, community agencies, and the Syracuse Human Trafficking Intervention Court (HTIC) Team. We have prepared for our residents a safe, comfortable one-year, rent-free residential program to work on those changes.


Life House is a transforming program for women who choose to escape human trafficking and the trauma that has entangled their lives. Life House offers 2 women a rent-free home to reside in with 24/7 staff to assist them as they reset, restore, rebuild, and relaunch into the community- experiencing the power, love, and freedom that can be found through faith in God. The Life House staff will work toward helping these women learn to live and dream again.

Reset The first ninety days of the program. Is a time of rest and reflection as the women detox from the traumatic life they have been living in spirit, soul, and body. Our Life House Staff will be there 24/7 for support, advocacy, and a listening ear.

Restore Understanding how trauma has impacted our spirit, soul, and body. Life House staff works with each woman to pull up weeds from her past and replant fresh thriving seeds. Growth and transformation are the seeds that are nurtured through this module.

Rebuild This is the season of building confidence and independence. It is a time to work on healthy relationships and good decision-making. Mentors will aid in teaching about life skills and entrepreneurship. A new vision for life, a safe living situation, and employment are a few of the goals of this module.

Relaunch Once residents have completed a year in Life House, they will be launched into living their new life. (New home, employment, car, and savings account) The Life House staff will continue to walk with the women after they complete the program to support their new life.

How do residents apply for Life House?

Life House receives our residents by referral only.

Where is Life House?

To protect our residents and staff the location will remain undisclosed.

How can I help?

If you are a person of faith, pray.

Pray for each resident’s breakthroughs and for the staff to have the clarity to help them in their journey to a new life.

Purchase Items and Donate

See the In My Father’s Kitchen Life House shopping list for items Life House needs.

Become a Sponsor

All the pieces of this amazing program and the staff to support it are a large financial commitment to In My Father’s Kitchen. Please consider becoming a sponsor willing to invest in the lives of our residents.

Levels of Sponsorship 

Sponsor a resident for 1 day: $90

Sponsor a resident for 1 week: $630

Sponsor a resident for 1 month: $2,730

Sponsor a resident for 1 year: $33,000

No Gift is too small 

Together we are building hope and changing lives.