John Tumino


Bringing Awareness Motivates Action

One of our Missions at IMFK is to bring awareness of the situation of homelessness in our community. We have been able to do this through public speaking as well as using social media, check out this testimonial!

I have known about your agency and mission for years and I was recently moved by your words. So after hearing you speak at St Joseph’s Church in Camillus two Sundays ago, I unrolled the car window that very next morning on my way to work while on the Downtown exit ramp and handed a friend some items and told him “I see you”.  I have worked in the City for 20 years and this is the first time I was brave enough to do that. Thank you for opening my eyes! God Bless.



We are your hands extended and what a year it has been

What a year it has been with the opening of our new project Mission 124/7 Life House. We accepted our first resident into the home on November 1st and Leigh Ann and the team have hit the ground running. Our resident will be with us for a year as she learns the skills needed to re-enter a life free from sex trafficking. She was able to experience a great Thanksgiving with our team and the work started for her to be reconnected with her children. Because of your support we were able to purchase gifts for her kids for Christmas. Our resident was able to spend some time with her children for Christmas and she was able to give them presents this year. Can you say Christmas Miracle for Her! You are part of that miracle and we say thank you!

This year during street outreach we were able to assist over 30 friends with housing while serving well over 1000 meals in 2022!

The end of this year was tough losing 3 friends in the course of 13 days. We were able to do the services for the families as well as have our friends attend so they could say their goodbyes.

Our Hire Ground Program was able to have over 250 unduplicated riders participate in cleaning our community. That meant no panhandling for the day because of this many of our friends were connected to different services in the community. We were able to show them dignity through work and relationships. 

Your relationship with IMFK is crucial, after watching this video will you consider the best year-end gift and push us over the top going into 2023.

Thank you so much for your love and support and HAPPY NEW YEAR

John and Leigh Ann 


Thank You Corrin Miss USA International For Stepping It Up For The Women We Serve At IMFK

Corrin Stellakis Miss USA International stopped down to IMFK today to drop off care kits for the women we serve out on the streets as well as the women of our new Life House Mission 124/7 Project. Check out the video below and be encouraged by this power-packed woman of God as she shares why it is important to her to give back!

” Fit to Reign Women’s Health Operation drop off completed! ✅ I’m so grateful that God guided me to donate the personal care items and hygiene products collected during this operation to John from @inmyfatherskitchen Life House! I hope that these Fit to Reign kits help the women reset, restore, rebuild, and relaunch their lives! God is good!” 🙏🏼❤️


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Radio Interviews Bring Awareness

Other than doing direct street outreach to our friends experiencing homelessness we at IMFK bring awareness to the community through media opportunities. Many folks have questions regarding homelessness and the work we do at IMFK and doing radio interviews is a great way to put out information. This past weekend we were interviewed by Tom and Steve from The Local Show on WSYR. Here is a link to that interview! Enjoy and thank you for your continued support 

John, Leigh Ann and the Team at IMFK



Homeless Living Outdoors

As we are approaching the winter we are strongly encouraging our friends living outdoors to make some serious choices about coming indoors. Pictured here is the inside of a dwelling place of two of our friends. Homelessness for these two friends was caused by a serious drug addiction which escalated into a breakdown in the family system that caused them to lose their housing. During the summer months they call it camping out but on a cold autumn night, moving towards fridged winter temperatures it’s called survival. Believe with us that our two friends make the positive choice of doing the things needed to start the housing process. All we can do is keep showing up with no judgment and loving our friends in the middle of their brokenness. We believe because of this approach our friends will turn to us when their surrender moment happens. It’s heartbreaking to see and to hear the excuses for not changing but we use love as the tool that can break down every obstacle. Thank you for your support 

Moving Towards Winter