Homeless Living Outdoors

In My Father’s Kitchen

As we are approaching the winter we are strongly encouraging our friends living outdoors to make some serious choices about coming indoors. Pictured here is the inside of a dwelling place of two of our friends. Homelessness for these two friends was caused by a serious drug addiction which escalated into a breakdown in the family system that caused them to lose their housing. During the summer months they call it camping out but on a cold autumn night, moving towards fridged winter temperatures it’s called survival. Believe with us that our two friends make the positive choice of doing the things needed to start the housing process. All we can do is keep showing up with no judgment and loving our friends in the middle of their brokenness. We believe because of this approach our friends will turn to us when their surrender moment happens. It’s heartbreaking to see and to hear the excuses for not changing but we use love as the tool that can break down every obstacle. Thank you for your support

Moving Towards Winter

Snack of the Day

Together we are building hope and changing lives.

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