Foot Washing And Care For Our Friends Who Are Suffering

In My Father’s Kitchen

When serving our friends outdoors we are always giving out fresh socks (freshies) as they are called. The reason is that proper foot care is important when you are living outdoors or you may be newly housed and have no means of transportation other than walking. On average our friends walk about 30-50 miles each week getting themselves around town. When engaging our friends outdoors with Dr. Lehmann a common request is looking at someone’s feet because of discomfort and pain. Making House Calls at street level is a vital part of bringing dignity to our friends that are suffering. Doc initiated an opportunity using med students that come out with us, a so-called foot clinic of sorts. When engaging someone on the streets who present with feet issues we would set up a time to meet them at IMFK to do a foot washing and any treatment that may be necessary. Well, this afternoon we set up an appointment with Joe. Joe worked on the Hire Ground van earlier that day and when his day was over Halie was able to wash Joe’s feet and then proceeded to cut his nails and treat a callus on the bottom of his foot. We will do whatever it takes to show someone dignity and value in the middle of their suffering. Thank you Doc for your continued compassionate care to our friends and thank you for training the next generation of physicians on what it really means to serve the less fortunate! Joe was so appreciative and thankful for the care he received, You Are Not Invisible our friend!

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Together we are building hope and changing lives.

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